Japan Travel 2017

Last year I was given the opportunity to live in Japan for 8 months on a work assignment, completing my overall two year training programme. Initially I was hesitant in being away from home for such a long time, as this was the first time for me to live abroad and to visit Asia. But this hesitation quickly turned to joy on arriving as I realised how great of a opportunity this could be.

Many times I have repeated my same opinion when asked about living in Japan; it is similar enough not to be overwhelming yet still different enough to feel new and interesting. On a daily basis I was either grateful, impressed or surprised. In no way do I believe that the video I have created truly captures my experience there, it was simply not possible to film every activity or every small but meaningful experience. But  instead it is a snapshot of some of the places and activities I was fortunate to see and do.

It is now a place that I look forward to visiting again, so much so that I’m writing this as I wait for my plane to take off. Destination Nagoya, Japan.

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