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Austria Kühtai Skiing 2017

After purchasing a GoPro for myself as a joint Christmas and Birthday present, this was the first chance to truely test it. Without much planning I headed to Freiburg, Germany to meet a friend, from where we drove to Kühtai, Austria. Overall this turned out to a fun adventerous week with two days skiing, finishing in Innsbruck.

Unfortunately I did not record much footage so there wasn’t much to choose from when editing. I have already realised that a balance is required between enjoying the holiday and getting good footage. Although I am sure that this will get easier and more efficient over time.

All of the footage in the edited video was recorded at 1080p and 50 FPS using a linear field of view. This gave me the option to slow footage if required but I would like to experiment with even higher frame rates in the future.

During my attempts to compete the slalom course, I really liked the possibility to add overlay graphics of the course path, current speed and G-Force. Although the GoPro software can be tedious and slow to use at times.

Over the next few years I will aim to create a short video for adventure holidays such as skiing and hiking. This will be a good opportunity to improve both my filming and editing skills, while having an easily sharable sounevir.

Shelsley Walsh – 2016 Best of British

Two weekends ago the Shelsley Walsh held its first British Hill Climb Championship of this season. A wide variety of cars were entered into this meeting, including many in the road-going production and specialised production classes. The always popular Shelsley Specials were a welcome return, typically pre- and post- war cars, with special interest to the GN Spiders (pictured). Spectators were therefore able to experience everything from purpose built single-seater race cars, Caterhams and Westfields, through to a selection of Ferraris.

I was shocked when I noticed that nearly two and a half years have passed since I last visited Shelsley Walsh for a race meeting. Therefore I was keen to make up for lost time by photographing and filming with my fairly new Canon 70D. It’s definite upgrade from the Sony A350 that I used previously but still much practice is still needed to get a feel for the camera and its many settings.

Over the course of the weekend I experimented with various photography techniques, trying to get a feel for the camera. Although many of these didn’t work as well as expected, the odd few did and produced some great shots. I have posted a selection of photos that really stood out, as I unfortunately don’t have the time to select and edit many more. Instead I will be looking to produce a short video covering the action from the weekend, optimistically within the next few weeks.

Tough Mudder – South West 2013

On Sunday 22nd September I will be running the Tough Mudder “marathon” in Powys, Wales. This event is a 10-12 mile long military themed assault course. There will be a number of set obstacles including; ice baths, trench crawls, high walls and running through electrified tenticles (great fun…) just to name a few.

Fortunately Tough Mudder is a team event and I will be competing with some friends from University, so the event should be great fun and something to remember. I will hopefully be getting a GoPro in time for the event, which could prove to be hilarious for the inevitable falls and trips in the mud of other teammates (but most likely myself!).

While I entered the event for a bit of fun and a great day out; Tough Mudder is a supporter of the charity Help for Heroes and donates a considerable amount of money from every entry fee. For any participant that can raise more than £120; Tough Mudder will provide a £20 refund which I would also donate to the charity! To help me reach this goal go to my donation page, cheers!

Tough Mudder Logo
Tough Mudder Logo