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UWE Formula Student consists of a team of highly motivated students who are striving for success in the international Formula Student competition. As an extra-curricular activity, it provides a great opportunity for practical application to students studying a variety of degree disciplines.


During my time at University, I worked on many different parts of the project including electrical systems, website design and media.

First Post

Now that I’ve finished University for the year, I have finally had time to create a WordPress blog/website where I can present all of my thoughts and progress on current engineering projects and other design work.

I will be posting about University projects I’m currently involved with, such as Formula Student, on here and the UWE Racing website.

Look out for progress updates on the Mk2 Golf Gti that Dreamtec Racing are currently race preparing, this will certainly be a busy month where the majority of the build will be undertaken. Also over the next month I will be posting updates about the Formula Ford that we restored for Speed Factor over the last year. The engine cover is stil waiting for some final sanding down and preparation for paint but should be finished within the next two weeks. There have been rumors that a track day will be booked to test the Formula Ford after its long absence from racing!